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To Manage and run efficient and professional services that are recognized for efficient standards, customer care and customer satisfaction


To be execellent, dedicated and extra odinary service provider that addresses the needs of customers


To assist in job creation and skills training among the unemployed in Tanzania through in service training as well as professional development

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What We Offers

Our Services
  • Unarmed Guards
    Our Security officers are trained and vetted by professional trainers who have international and local experience and vast majority have militaly backgrounds
  • CCTV Systems
    We service and manage high quality security CCTV systems cameras, control panel, duplex monitors, digital DVR and power back up system. We supply IP cameras, PTZ camera and analogy HD cameras for indoor and outdoor with night vision infared
  • Executive Protection
    We recognize that executive protection is the dynamic entry and each protection program must be tailored to be principal needs and requirements that must be handled with tact and diplomacy.
  • Emergency Response Unit
    Dotted throughout Dar es salaam are several of our vehicle mounted Emergency REsponse Units, They are crack units of elite security personnel appropriately armed and highly trained in all forms of combart security situations they are on standby 24/7 to respond to any Alarm activation
  • Armed Guards
    Our armed reaction unit are always in communication with our command center for responding to any and all threats or circumstances
  • Alarm Systems
    We offer state of the art security with modern encrypting and signal to our base stations that in return alerts our nearest Patrol Team and Emergency Response Unit

Your Questions Answered

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Why should we choose kiwango security guards?

We have a well trained, Trusted and vetted team of staff comprising with full Military Course from JESHI LA KUJENGA TAIFA{JKT}. We take pride in depth training programs that produce knowledgeable and highly motivated security officers, A smart and standard selection always done to get disciplined

How do you monitor your guards?

We monitor them by patrolling to make sure they're in their respective sites and attentive to their duties

What backup can you provide for a situation and the time frame?

We have a response team of five guards that will be sent to a scene who arrives within 10 to 15 minutes maximum.

How will i handle fire problems?

Contact KSG fire rescue so that they install fire system such as fire alarm, Fire Extinguishers and fire detectors also panic buttons to alert us so that we depature our Fire Engine,when you feel unsafety

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